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Get Your Dream TEFL Job!

How to Get Your Dream TEFL Job!

At i-to-i we speak to A LOT of TEFL employers, from Saudi Arabia right through to Spain, and whilst the actual jobs vary, many of the things they look for are the same! If you can show off these skills when interviewing, you’ll be well on your way to getting your dream TEFL job!


One of the most common core skills tested in a TEFL interview is the ability to adapt when faced with something unexpected!  With many jobs (particularly in Asia) providing airfare, employers want to know that their new teacher won’t go running for the hills within a week. Any travel experience is a great way to show adaptability, but if you don’t have this, then how about succeeding in any new environment, like work or uni!

Work Experience:

As most entry level TEFL jobs will include working with children, include any and all examples of this on your application. Do you have any childminding experience or perhaps you helped out at a school summer camp? If you’ve mentored young people, this will also help to put you at the top of the CV pile. The rule of thumb here is no matter how little experience you have – flaunt it.

Cultural Sensitivity:

One of the best things about living overseas is the opportunity it gives you to experience a country’s culture first hand. Employers are keen to know that you’ll be sensitive to their ways; whether that’s unusual food or afternoon siesta (we’re sure you could get used to that)! A great way to set yourself apart from other applicants is to talk about how much you want to live in that country. Do a little research about the country and sound extra keen by asking lots of questions about your role, the school and the students!

Decent TEFL Course:

Unfortunately a ‘deal site’ style course that cost you £50 isn’t going to cut it here. You’re going to need a course with tutor feedback and a course provider with experience of the industry – and as we’ve qualified over 120,000 people, we’ve got that nailed! The end goal of any decent TEFL course is to equip you for whatever the classroom has to throw at you and to help you shake those first day jitters.

Check out the jobs board now and find out more about what employers are looking for!



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