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TEFL Love Stories From All Over The World: Valentines Special

TEFL Love StoriesValentine’s Day is just like marmite– you either love it or hate it. For us up-beat chaps here at i-to-i towers… we’re fans! So we’ve been celebrating just how many of our TEFLers have either found love, started a TEFL journey with their loved one or taken up TEFL to be closer to their other halves over the past year… 

Finding love

Every once in a while the wonderful world of TEFL brings people together – just like Jennifer.

Back in December, Jennifer wrote an incredible blog post to sum up her life-changing year teaching English in South Korea…it’s safe to say we all had the biggest smiles on our face when we read that one!

Here I am one year later, and I can honestly say coming to Korea was the BEST decision I have ever made! I can 100% say that I love my job! My co-teachers and my students are all wonderful. I feel very lucky! I’ve made some amazing life-long friends here, I’ve seen some amazing sites, and I met my wonderful boyfriend ♥♥

The best bit? The TEFL journey is far from over. After South Korea the pair of them are making plans for Australia, Argentina or the Middle East!

 Going with love

Who said you had to teach English abroad alone? Why take the leap with two feet when you can take it with four! Over the past year loads of you have started your TEFL adventure with your other half.

TEFL teacher Sam in China










(Here’s Sam digging into errmm…?!?) 

In May 2012 Sam and his girlfriend left for a 6 month stint teaching English at a Kindergarten in Zhuhai, China.

TEFL teacher Jenny

(Here’s Jenny…ready to take on the world!)

Meanwhile, TEFL teacher Jenny and her boyfriend were also looking for a new adventure! They had their sights set on teaching in Asia and finally decided to make the big move to South Korea!

‘It has finally happened the visa process is in operation and both my boyfriend and I will be living in a tiny little house and teaching in the BIG city of Incheon, South Korea!’ Read Jenny’s blog post here

Taking up teaching to be closer to their loved ones

Not trying to blow our own trumpet (honest!) but Kevin’s and James’ TEFL love stories just prove how versatile TEFL can be!

When the job market took a nose-dive in Ireland, Kevin decided to take up TEFL and move to his wife’s native Argentina…permanently.

TEFL teacher in Argentina

Here’s a snippet of our interview with Kevin:

What attracted you to the country you’re teaching in/ taught in?
My wife, the sun, the politics, the fact we could have a family waiting for us for our baby to be part of and my own interest in other countries, languages, English especially as I am writer of poetry, stories, novels lately and plays and find I have a natural bent for teaching and enjoy it. The school term starts in March here so I am teaching individuals, adults with great success judging from their individual development.

You can read the full article here!


TEFL teacher in Paris

The last one on our TEFL Love Story special is a personal favourite and is one of the most inspirational stories of the year! James was enjoying the prospecting of married life in Ireland when things took an unexpected turn…

I was finishing my Chartered Accountancy exams and I was getting married on the 15th of April. Life was really good and I had just bought a new apartment in Belfast. I had a secure job and I was looking forward to ‘the quiet life’. Then, the week before the wedding, my fiancé received an email from the Paris subsidiary of her company, asking if she would be interested in interviewing for a position they had availableread on to find out what James did next!

Looking to start a TEFL adventure with a loved one – or meet one along the way?! Join our online community, Chalkboard, to talk to other TEFL teachers!

Where can TEFL take you?

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