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The Sunniest Places to Teach English Abroad

Wish you lived in warmer climes? Us too! Our minds have begun to wander and we’ve been thinking of all the places we could head off to teach that’d be warmer, sunnier and generally nicer than home! So here are our top three sunny, warm and interesting places to teach English abroad.

1: Bangkok, Thailand

Weather in Bangkok today*: 33C and sunny

Teach English Abroad and see the Grand Palace

A Bit About the Weather

Now is pretty much the perfect time to head out to Thailand. The weather is constantly warm and sunny, you’ve got a few months until the crazy pre-monsoon heat kicks in and the rains won’t start until early June. At the minute Bangkok is pretty hot, but if you head to the far north around Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle it’s a little cooler. It’s also a little cooler down on the islands of the south where you can expect slightly lower temperatures and breezes blowing in off the sea.

A Bit About Teaching English in Thailand

Thailand is one of South East Asia’s top TEFL destinations, and Bangkok is very much the centre of the English teaching industry over there. There are plenty of jobs, the wages are pretty good, the cost of living is low and teaching English in Thailand allows TEFLers to explore the whole of South East Asia. Add that to the fact that Thai people are genuinely outgoing and welcoming and it’s easy to see why Thailand is such a top destination for TEFL jobs.

Some Good Places to Look for TEFL Jobs in Thailand
The Bangkok Post
Craig’s List Bangkok
The i-to-i TEFL Jobs Board
The Thai TEFL Internship

Top TEFL Cities
Chiang Mai

Five Highlights of Living and Teaching in Thailand

Big nights out in Bangkok
Temples, temples and more temples
Eating at night markets
Island hopping on a longtail boat
Heading down the Mekong from Chiang Kong

2: Cairo, Egypt

Weather in Cairo today*: 21C and sunny

 Teach English in Cairo

Photo by Arian Zwegers

A Bit About the Weather

If you fancy teaching English in Africa’s biggest city now is a pretty good time to get started. It’s winter over there at the minute but rather than having to buy a huge Parka and some waterproof boots like back home, Egyptians are walking around in light jumpers and possibly on really nippy days (15C) they might put on a warm jacket. Over the next few months the mercury will rise and by summer you can expect regular temperatures of around 38C, but by starting out over there in the winter, you’ll have time to acclimatise.

A Bit About Teaching English in Egypt

In recent years the number of TEFL jobs in Egypt has gone through the roof. This is due to the fact that if an Egyptian wants to gain a place at university or land a well paid job they’ll usually need to be able to speak English pretty fluently. Demand is particularly high amongst the business community, while university students and middle-class school children are also in the market for private tuition.

Some Good Places to Look for TEFL Jobs in Egypt
The British Council in Cairo
Egypt Yellow Pages
Egypt Today
Chat to other expats at Deals Bar and the Aubergine Restaurant in Zamalek
Check out the notice board at Sunny Supermarket in Zamalek
The i-to-i TEFL Jobs pages for Egypt

Top TEFL Cities

Five Highlights of Living and Teaching in Egypt
Cairo’s museums
The Pyramids of Giza
Snorkeling and scuba on the Red Sea Coast
Have a weekend in Alexandria
Take a trip to the Great Sand Sea

3: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Weather today: 20C and Sunny

Teach English in Riyadh

Photo by Pedronet

A Bit About the Weather

If you want to get out and see anything of Arabia, now is the time to start your visit. By the time the UK is enjoying April showers, day time temperatures in Saudi Arabia will be regularly topping 40C and only mad dogs and Englishmen will even think about venturing outside.

A Bit About Teaching English in Saudi Arabia

If you’ve got 120+ hours of TEFL training, a university degree and at least two years experience, Saudi Arabia is a great place to teach. You’ll get very high, tax-free wages, free (and usually pretty swish) accommodation, flights and sometimes even a car. Competition for jobs is pretty fierce though, and the strict Islamic laws and huge cultural differences mean that teaching in Saudi Arabia isn’t for everyone. So if you’re swayed by the lure of the big oil bucks, do your research first.

Some Good Places to Look for TEFL Jobs in Saudi Arabia
The British Council Offices in Riyadh
British Aerospace training academies in Riyadh and Dahran
The Saudi pages on the i-to-i TEFL Jobs Board

Top TEFL Cities

Five Highlights of Living and Teaching in Saudi

Take a tour of some of the world’s most spectacular skyscrapers in Riyadh
Check out the Haj Pilgrims on trail to Mecca at the old port city of Jeddah
Visit the truly spectacular Madain Saleh – one of the finest archaeological sites in the Middle East
The huge tax-free wages
Diving off the Farasan Islands

*All weather reports were taken from the BBC Weather pages on the 17th of January.

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