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Christmas – TEFL Style!

December is that time of the year where everyone starts to feel a little bit warm and fuzzy inside. You spend lots of time with your family… eat lots and lots of food… expand your waistline… exchange gifts… and get ready to embrace the New Year.

But find out how these TEFLers – eager to explore the TEFL life abroad – are enjoying themselves this December. And remember, these adventures abroad are awaiting you too!

Jack Little made good use of his TEFL certificate to swap Newcastle, England for Mexico, and the North Sea for the clear waters of the Pacific…

“Usually I’d have a little dip in the North Sea with my dog on Christmas Day, but this year I’ll be on the beach in Colima on the Pacific Coast of Mexico with my girlfriend.”

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Lindsey Rankin will be spending her second Christmas outside of the US with her new friends in South Korea, where she teaches.

“Nobody has an oven here in South Korea, so my friends and I are going to make Mexican food for Christmas. Certainly in the USA, after Halloween they put up the Christmas decorations and they’ve already kicked up the holiday soundtrack at most retail and restaurant establishments. I don’t miss that nonsense.”

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Teach in China intern Clare Wilson won’t be lazing in front of the TV this Christmas – she’ll be in Beijing soaking up Chinese culture with her fellow interns!

“This is my first Christmas away from home, and I’ll be spending it in Beijing with the other interns, hunting down a recognisable Christmas dinner! Hopefully it’ll be turkey, if we can find some – I certainly won’t miss the sprouts though!”

Check out Clare’s first Christmas away from home & in China!

Paul Dixon,  is spending his 3rd Christmas in Japan!

“This year is yet another christmas in japan…I will be going to my schools end of year party, involving eating and endless drinking (thankfully its just around the corner from me) I have some dinners planned with friends for xmas and new year…BUT best of all is spending the latter half of xmas day on skype with my family.”

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Teach in Thailand intern Susie Rout will be spending her first Christmas away from home with a load of new friends, and a beer or two!

“The best thing about being away for Christmas is having other interns to spend it with. I have no idea what my Christmas dinner will consist of, but there’ll definitely be a Singha beer or two!”

Susie’s living it up with other interns and a few Sinhgas in Thailand, have a look here!

Kate will be having a totally different Christmas in Yangshuo, China from the one she is used to back home in Australia.

“I won’t miss the sense of HAVING to go to some functions, especially those that you do out of duty rather than for enjoyment. I think the best thing about being here for Christmas will be the chance to see if/how Christmas is acknowledged in China.”

Kate is enjoying a new style of Christmas while living it up in China!

After spending last year on the beach in Bali, Londoner Robert Clarke will be propping up the bar at his local in Dongguan, Southern China this Christmas.

“Spending Christmas the same place as last year, One For The Road Pub in Dongguan, China. Wish I was somewhere warmer with a beach though!”

Don’t worry you won’t be forced to dress up as santa… unless you want to of course!

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