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Rich’s Guest Blogger Q&A: China and Back Again…

Don’t be confused, Rich went to teach English in China and is now back home again and he’s heading off on another TEFL adventure in Vietnam soon which he’ll be blogging about! Let’s get to know Rich:

Hi Rich!

Where are you originally from?


Where are you now?

…Salisbury :(

Why did you decide to look at teaching English?

I’ve always enjoyed working with young people, so it seemed like something that I would not only enjoy but would be good at. I wanted the challenge to create a fun learning environment – learning English CAN be fun! I love the English language! Not only is it an increasingly important language for young people to learn across the word, it is also an incredibly beautiful language with different styles.

Did you do a TEFL course before you started teaching?

Yes – I completed my TEFL in December 2009 before embarking on the i-to-i China internship in February 2010.

Are you teaching now?


What attracted you to TEFL?

For a rewarding experience, the opportunity to work abroad, to improve various skills (public speaking, presenting, time management, prioritisation – the list goes on) & for a potential career path.

What age students are you/will you be teaching?

In China I taught 15-19 year olds. I am not sure what age group I will teach in Vietnam, but I’m quite flexible and open to a new challenge.

How are you finding the experience of teaching/ What are you looking forward to the most?

I’m looking forward to really getting to know my students and to find out what makes them tick – I think it’s important to build rapport with your learners and try to base your teaching around their interests. I’m also looking forward to seeing them become more confident in English before my eyes & to make the experience enjoyable to both parties… Oh, and embracing the culture and eating (a lot) of the local cuisine is something that I always look forward to when travelling abroad!

Random question time:
Window, aisle or middle seat on a plane?

Easy: Window. Who doesn’t want to spend their entire journey with their headphones on, looking at the ground below & watching how the wings work? Plus an aisle seat invites a collision between the drinks trolley and one’s knee. The middle seat is the worst place a human being could ever consider parking themselves.

Are you the same person as one year ago?

Legally, yes. Spiritually, no. Physically…partly.

Would you rather do a bungee jump or swim with sharks?

Through the method of elimination I would rather do a bungee jump: It’s safer (or shall I say less dangerous), I’m not intruding in another animal’s habitat, and if it goes wrong I’ll probably die quicker…

What is your favourite type of cheese and why?

Movie Soundtracks from the 80s / Wensleydale. “No Easy Way Out” by Robert Tepper from Rocky IV; “The Power Of Love” by Huey Lewis and The News from Back to the Future. Wensleydale on a cracker as a snack. Do I need to explain myself any further?!

Thanks Rich! You can read more about his experiences of teaching in China on his great blog – I spent over half an hour getting lost in his blogs (obviously if my manager is reading this then I read them on my own time… gulp.)

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