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Thailand TEFL Internship

Experience an amazing adventure when you join the Thailand TEFL internship!

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Enjoy the amazing cultural experience of living and teaching in Thailand whilst we support you every step of the way. From your TEFL training to your arrival in country and your accommodation, i-to-i and our in country partners GES will be on hand to help you.

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How the Internship Works!

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Book on an internship program with i-to-i and you can be sure you are getting both world leading TEFL Training and the best in-country support. At i-to-i, we partner with Global Education Solutions (GES) as they are experts at providing support and placing new TEFL teachers to the most suitable roles. This program is especially designed for people with no previous TEFL or teaching experience, who have a desire for adventure and new challenges!

Before you head out to Thailand, i-to-i provide you with world leading TEFL training – specifically our Professional TEFL Course. We’ve been training TEFL teachers for more than 21 years now, helping more than 175,000 people just like you to qualify in TEFL (more than any other course provider!) Training with i-to-i will get you fully confident and ready to enter your first classroom with all the skills you need.

With i-to-i TEFL training you’ll receive full training to get you prepared for Thai classrooms, meaning you are well equipped for your first class of Thai pupils.

'An Absolutely Amazing Experience' - Heather, Surat Thani

Why do you work with GES?

We chose GES because they are quite simply the best at TEFL internships. There are plenty of other companies who offer teaching placements across Asia, but GES really do know exactly how to deliver a first class, fully immersive and rewarding experience.

Global Education Solutions have an excellent track record in providing fantastic intern experiences in Thailand.

We partner with GES because:

  • GES provide full support & guidance. GES Program coordinators are in constant contact and on hand every step of the way to assist and help you throughout the internship duration.
  • GES ensure interns are fully prepared for their teaching adventure. They provide training in local Thai custom, culture, law, basic Thai language and education system at the beginning of the internship. This is to ensure that you are well prepared for an easy transition to settle, live & work in a new environment, culture & country.
  • GES possess excellent relationship with schools all over Thailand which will provide you with the best opportunities in teaching experiences, and living in places with natural beauty, historical locations and modern development.
  • GES have a proven record for quality service delivery ensuring that i-to-i interns will have an enjoyable, rewarding and memorable stay in Thailand!

Before You Jet Out to Thailand:

If you haven’t already got a TEFL qualification, you’ll get extensive TEFL training; ensuring you enter your first classroom a positive and confident TEFL teacher! Here’s exactly what you get with i-to-i before you leave:

  • 140 hours of comprehensive TEFL training The 20 hour Classroom Course occurs in Thailand before your internship starts, and is specific to teaching in Thailand and their classroom culture. The TEFL certificate you receive following this training provides you training for life and a certificate that won’t expire.
  • Instructions on what to do next to complete your application for the GES Thailand TEFL Internship

Once you’ve sent your application form and documentation through to GES, they’ll contact you directly to set up your internship placement, ensure you have the right visa and the information you need at hand to arrive in Thailand ready to start a memorable TEFL experience!

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When You Arrive in Thailand:

With GES at your side, you’ll have an amazing opportunity to spend 5 months teaching English in Thailand, meeting new people and exploring this beautiful country steeped in tradition, history and natural beauty.

What the internship includes:

  • A reputable 5 month internship in Thailand with GES Thailand
  • In-country support With full support, a contact at your school and a large network of former GES interns, you can be sure you’re in the safest hands
  • Monthly spending allowance You’ll receive a monthly allowance of 16,000 Thai Baht.
  • Accommodation arranged and provided as part of your package You’ll live in a private bedroom in a shared house/apartment with other interns
  • Comprehensive 5 day orientation in Thailand On arrival GES will run you through the essentials of living and teaching in Thailand. You’ll also experience traditional Thai food and get to know the other interns!
  • Tour of Bangkok Visit some of the key sights in this bustling city with your guide, then spend your free afternoon relaxing or exploring further
  • Visa assistance GES will help arrange the necessary visas, work permits and teacher licenses for your time in Thailand so that you’re free to just focus on enjoying your teaching!
  • A network of new friends You’ll be joined by interns from across the globe and be placed with at least one other intern!
  • Thai Language lessons GES will provide you with some basic and fun Thai Language training to help you with your day-to-day life in Thailand
  • Post-internship opportunities Unlike other internship providers, GES are able to help many interns remain in Thailand and continue teaching!

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Download Your Free Guide NowBook your place today!

What you need to do the internship:

  • 140 hours of TEFL training (if you’re already TEFL qualified, just call our TEFL team to discuss your options!)
  • To be a native English speaker
  • To have a full university degree and be aged between 21 and 45
  • To be able to arrive in Thailand May 3rd 2016 and stay until October 16th 2016.
  • To complete the 120 hour online course before April 3rd 2016 – the remaining 20 hours of training take place in Bangkok
  • To hold a passport from one of the following countries: UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand or Canada.
  • To have a sense of adventure and be up for a challenge!
  • To be committed to teaching in Thailand and completing your time there.
  • To pay 16,000 Baht for your work visa conversion and visa extension upon arrival. GES also require a refundable 5,000 THB accommodation deposit upon arrival.
  • Suitable travel insurance

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What you don’t need!

  • You don’t need to be able to speak Thai – as an English language teacher, the best thing you can do is create a totally English-speaking atmosphere for your student. However GES will teach you some key phrases to help you in your daily life!
  • You don’t need any previous teaching experience. This program welcomes total TEFL beginners!

Call the team on 877 526 3959

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For six wonderful months, I combined backpacking with teaching English in Thailand – an enchanting country I had longed to explore having read about its distinct culture, fascinating history, ancient traditions and abundance of natural beauty.

To anyone who is desperate to travel but strapped for cash, I recommend you give TEFL teaching a go. It is a great opportunity to work and save money while getting to know the country and its people from the inside, as a worker and not simply a tourist. And for anyone planning to visit Thailand: smile a lot, try everything, and remember when things don’t go as planned – ‘mai pen rai!’

Alice McBrearty