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China TEFL Internship

August 2016 dates just launched! A life-changing opportunity to teach English in China awaits!

You’ll enjoy the amazing cultural experience of living and teaching in China whilst we’ll support you every step of the way. From your TEFL training to your arrival in country and your accommodation, i-to-i and our in country partners ImmerQi will be on hand to help you.

Call us on 877 526 3959 or request a call back here to find out more.

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How the Internship Works!

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When you book your internship program through i-to-i you’ll get the best of both worlds; first class TEFL training and an established in-country support team. Here at i-to-i, we’ve carefully sourced ImmerQi to be our partners in China – that’s because they are the experts at placing and supporting first time TEFL teachers. They’ll arrange a great placement with brilliant inclusions such as Mandarin lessons and cultural inductions to make adjusting to life in China easy and lots of fun!

Before you start teaching in China, i-to-i will train you on our world leading Professional TEFL Course. At i-to-i, we’ve been training teachers for over 21 years and have helped over 175,000 people to qualify in TEFL (that’s more than any other course provider). When you train with us you’ll be 100% confident and prepared for your first time stepping into the classroom.

When you train with i-to-i you’ll receive specific and tailored training for the Chinese classroom environment. This will mean that you’ll be prepared to understand and adjust to the needs of your Chinese pupils.

'Insane, but in a Good Way' - Christina, Hanoi

Why do you work with ImmerQi?

Quite simply because they are the best at what they do. Whilst there are several companies that offer teaching placements in China, i-to-i work with ImmerQi because they are the only provider that is both long established and credible. ImmerQi have a proven track record of delivering an excellent experience for all of their interns for over 22 years and they have won numerous awards, including the prestigious ASEAN Outstanding Business Award!

We love ImmerQi because:

  • They’re specialists in educational experiences in China. They have excellent relationships with schools all over China, meaning that should a problem arise within a school they are able to fix it quickly
  • They offer excellent support for our TEFL teachers. Once you book on to the China TEFL Internship you will be in direct contact with an ImmerQi staff member who has already completed the program. This means that you’ll have the full support and mentorship of someone who has been in exactly the same position as you. Your mentor will have the answers to even the most specific of your questions
  • ImmerQi’s great connections and standing in China mean they are able to offer interns additional career opportunities after completing their internships
  • ImmerQi’s program is unique to i-to-i and all benefits are exclusively available to those booking through i-to-i

Before You Arrive in China:

If you’re not already qualified, we’ll provide you with extensive TEFL training; to make sure you walk into your first classroom a very happy and confident TEFL teacher! With i-to-i you’ll receive:

  • 140 hours of comprehensive TEFL training The 20 hour Classroom Course takes place in China before your internship starts, and is specifically tailored to teaching in China so you are fully prepared. The TEFL certificate that you receive after completing the training will qualify you for life
  • Instructions on the next steps to complete your application for the ImmerQi China TEFL Internship

Once you’ve sent your application form and documentation through to ImmerQi, they’ll work with you directly to organize your internship placement, sort your visa and make sure you have all the information you need to arrive in China ready to start your TEFL adventure!

When You Arrive in China:

ImmerQi Logo

With ImmerQi supporting you every step of the way, you’ll have an incredible opportunity to spend 5 months teaching English in China, making new friends and exploring this incredible country on weekends and during holidays!

What the internship includes:

  • A reputable 5 month internship in China with ImmerQi
  • In-country support With full support, a local contact at your school and a network of former ImmerQi interns, you’ll be in safe hands
  • Monthly spending allowance You’ll receive a monthly allowance of 2,000RMB, more than other internship providers
  • End of contract bonus 2,500 RMB bonus from your school at the end of your internship. Many of our teachers use this to help fund a post contract trip to South East Asia!
  • Accommodation arranged and provided free of charge You’ll live in a private bedroom in a shared house with other interns
  • Food provided You’ll receive all meals Mon – Fri at your school, or a meal allowance
  • Comprehensive 7 day orientation in China On arrival ImmerQi will run you through the essentials of living and teaching in China. You’ll also experience traditional Chinese food and get to know the other interns!
  • Tour of Beijing Including the chance to see the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs, all wrapped up with a Peking Duck dinner and acrobatic show!
  • Airport pick up and transfers to your school
  • Visa assistance ImmerQi will help arrange your visa for you. Please note, you’ll need to budget GBP190 in addition to the cost of your visa – this is payable to ImmerQi before your arrival in China
  • A network of new friends You’ll be joined by interns from all over the world
  • Post-internship opportunities Unlike other internship providers, ImmerQi are able to help many interns stay in China to continue teaching!
  • Internship certificate You’ll receive confirmation of completion of your internship to show off to future employers

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Download Your Free Guide Now Get Booking Info

What you need to do the internship:

  • 140 hours of TEFL training from i-to-i. If you’re already certified, or have qualified elsewhere, then please call the i-to-i team on 877 526 3959 to discuss your options
  • To be able to arrive in China on August 20th 2016 and stay until January 15th 2017
  • To be a native English speaker aged between 18 and 45 years old
  • To hold a valid police check from your home country
  • To have completed high school/secondary school
  • To hold a passport from the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand or Canada
  • A sense of adventure and an open mind!

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What you don’t need!

  • You don’t need to be able to speak Mandarin! As an English language teacher, the best thing you can do is create a totally English-speaking atmosphere for your students. ImmerQi will still provide you with the basic Mandarin skills to get you through your day outside the classroom
  • No previous teaching experience necessary – this program is designed for total TEFL beginners!
  • You don’t need a university or college degree – it can be difficult to arrange placements in China without a degree normally, but ImmerQi’s expertise mean that this is not a requirement!

Still have a few more questions?

Our friendly TEFL Team can help, whatever it is you want to know. What’s the accommodation like? Where will I teach? How many hours a week will I work? They’ve got the answer for you!

Request a Consultation  or
Call the team on 877 526 3959

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I’ve had many adventures since arriving in China, that first week in Beijing where I realized I really was a long way from home, or my trip to Mongolia with the real live yurts and desert as far as you could see, then back ‘home’ and nightclubbing through Changsha or trekking through some unknown but very picturesque mountains, but what’s impressed me most is living (and surviving) day to day life in China.

Aisling Brogan, 21, from Donegal, Ireland, who taught in Changsha

Travelling in China has proven to be an exciting and adventurous journey, and I was glad to have the i-to-i program there at the beginning to give me an introduction to Chinese culture. Not only is China a great place to travel, but it is also a great starting point for anybody who wishes to experience teaching English abroad.

Niles Erikson, 25, from New Hampshire, USA, who taught in Hangzhou

I wanted a change of scenery, a chance to teach in a different way, and explore a country I’d never been to – and really didn’t know much about. All of these things I’ve achieved. And I think teaching in China has given me valuable tools which I can use when I come back to teach in the UK, as well as valuable life-skills adjusting to life in a non-western country!

Jozanda Parkinson, 26, from Lancashire, UK, who taught in Shanghai