Teach English in the United Kingdom

Work & Visas

How do I find work?
The best place to look is on the main TEFL job sites or in national newspapers. The Guardian is especially good.
Can I find work while in-country?
It would be an understatement to say that the local market is flooded with native speakers! So finding work once you arrive is probably your best option.
What is the usual hiring process?
It’s the usual process of sending off your CV and going for an interview.
Is a work visa required to find paid work?
All EU citizens can work in the UK. Passport holders aged under 30 from Australia, New Zealand and Canada can apply for a one year working holiday visa. Other teachers will find it very difficult to obtain a work visa.
Work holiday visa requirements:
  • Never previously had a UK working holiday visa
  • Aged between 17 and 30
  • Can support yourself financially