Teach English in the United Kingdom






Summer Holidays



British Pound (GBP)


3-12 months




Although the summer holidays are the peak time for TEFL teachers, jobs are available year-round. UK employers usually expect you to have some teaching experience.
Main TEFL regions
London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Bournemouth, Brighton, Hastings, Edinburgh and several smaller towns and cities
Types of teaching
Private language schools: General English, Business English, Cambridge PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS
Summer schools/study tours: General English
Migrant English programs: General English, English for Younger Learners
This is not usually provided by your employer. Apartments, especially in London, are notoriously expensive. The cheapest you’ll possibly be able to find a studio flat for is £50 per week, but you really wouldn’t want to live there! A decent place will start at around £80 per week.
Flight reimbursement
Not typical
£180-£350 per week (£8-£20 per hour) Pay is commensurate with a teacher's qualifications and experience
At the lower end of this salary range, you’ll pay about 10% of your income as tax. At the higher end, it’ll be around 16%.
Cost of living
If you’re from the UK, you’ll already know about the cost of living. If not, get ready for a rude awakening: it’s expensive! But it’s also possible to live frugally by shopping at local markets and “pound shops”. A beer in a bar starts from £2, weekly groceries cost about £20 per person, as does a meal in a restaurant (although, realistically, you won’t be having many of these!)
Potential to save money
There’s little chance that you’ll be able to save any money.
How much TEFL training is recommended?
As much as possible. i-to-i’s Professional TEFL Course (120) will give you a good foundation on which to build your TEFL career. If you're planning to teach in the UK long-term, a TESOL/CELTA should also be considered.
Common teaching conditions
You’ll usually teach for about 25 hours per week, although working hours in summer schools are much longer – you’ll be acting as the proverbial mother, father and priest to the teenagers you’re looking after! The students are of all nationalities and from all walks of life, but tend to apply themselves well.

Be aware…

If you want to work at a summer camp, be prepared to sign your life away for 2 months – you could be called on at any time of the day or night!