Teaching English in Ukraine



Very High


Jan-Feb & Aug-Sep



Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)


9-11 months




Like nearby Russia, there's a huge demand for TEFL teachers in Ukraine
Main TEFL regions
Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk
Types of teaching
In-company: General English, Business English
Private Language Schools: General English, Business English, Cambridge PET/FCE/CAE
Universities: General English, English for Specific Purposes
Accommodation may be provided in some areas in addition to salary. It’s not uncommon in state school teaching for employers to cover living expenses, but this often be offered as an alternative to a salary.
When looking for your own accommodation steering clear of the cities will save you money though rent is still low when compared Western Europe; renting a furnished two-bedroom apartment in a good area costs around $188.77 while rent in the city can be closer to $600.
Flight reimbursement
Not common
There's a big range of salaries here: US$350-$1200 per month depending on your qualifications and experience.
Taxes will normally be between 15-20%.
Cost of living
The cost of living is low compared to most Eastern European countries. Accommodation and living in central tourist areas and larger cities is more expensive and will eat up most of your earnings. Travel in Ukraine is relatively cheap. A one-month pass on the Kyiv Metro costs approximately £7 and private taxis are inexpensive.
Sticking to the less populated areas can save you a lot of cash; going to a decent restaurant in Poltava will be around $10 and buying fresh food in local markets can greatly reduce your spend.
Potential to save money
Although the cost of living is relatively low, so are the wages. Most of your salary will go on accommodation, which is expensive in the centre of the big cities. If you work at a private language school and live outside the cities you may be able to get a little saving done.
How much TEFL training is recommended?
A degree or certification may not always be required. Some Ukrainian institutions are willing to accept native speakers of the English language even with no formal English teacher training. Even when formal certification is not required, however, Ukraine employers look for prospective teachers who have a good grasp of grammar, the English language, and conversational English.
Although English is becoming more widespread as a second language, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification is required by many places since Ukrainian is the primary language. Courses such as those provided by i-to-i will greatly increase your chances.
Common teaching conditions
Teaching hours can range between 20 to 40 hours a week. If you’re working in a state school you can expect to work for several hours a day but pay will be low if you’re paid at all, bed and board will be more likely.
Conditions in Private language schools and teaching for private language firms are better, offering better pay though schedule are often changed around and you may be required to work in the evenings during the week. Often serious language teachers teach at several different language schools and have private students in their spare time.

Be aware…

There are a few unscrupulous schools around. If you're unsure, post a question on Dave's ESl cafe's forum