Teach English in the Netherlands


Famous for excellent cheese, clogs, bicycles and tulips the Netherlands have long been a beacon of culture. The Netherlands aren’t short of famous people either; for those of you who’ve seen ’Girl with a pearl earring’ you may be interested to know that this is based on the life of the famous Dutch painter Vermeer, who’s stunning depictions of tradition life are a real insight into traditional Dutch culture.

It’s extensive and richly varied history and the visual feast of open plains and landscapes have made the Netherlands one of the most popular stops on the European trail but its appeal is also growing in other areas. The commercial market is on the rise in the Netherlands and consequently so is the need for a national understanding of English.

  • Amazing natural beauty
  • Fascinating history
  • Well paid jobs if you can get them
  • Beautiful, clean country
  • Amazing selection of cheese!

Things you might not know about Teaching English in the Netherlands

  • Amsterdam has 1,281 bridges. That's a lotta bridges!
  • The Netherlands has at least 15,000 km of cycle tracks.
  • The Dutch are the tallest people in Europe.
  • A popular Dutch delicacy is raw herring with onions on top.
  • When Dutch schoolchildren pass their exams, they hang a Dutch flag and a school bag outside their homes.