Teach English in Switzerland






All Year



Swiss Francs (CHF)


6-12 months




There are so many English-speaking Swiss that you need to be very well-qualified to be offered a job. However, it’s possible for novice teachers to get a few hours’ private tuition each week or work at summer camps.
Main TEFL regions
Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Lucerne
Types of teaching
In-company: General English, Business English, Cambridge (FCE/CAE/CPE)
Private language schools: General English, Business English, Cambridge (FCE/CAE/CPE)
Private international schools: General English, Cambridge (FCE/CAE/CPE)
Summer camps: General English, Business English, Cambridge
Accommodation is usually supplied by your employer, although you’ll often end up in a small single room, rather than in your own apartment.
Flight reimbursement
Not typical
CHF22-50 per hour, which translates to between CHF2,250-5,000 per month (the Swiss Franc is worth roughly the same as the US$). Pay is commensurate with a teacher's qualifications and experience
Taxes vary depending on the region (“canton”) in which you live. In Zurich, on a salary of CHF30,000, about 26% of your salary will be deducted. On a salary of CHF60,000, it’ll be more like 24%.
Cost of living
Switzerland is the third most expensive country in Europe, behind Norway and Iceland. A cup of coffee in a small tea room will cost about CHF3.00, a 1.5 litre bottle of mineral water is CHF1.00, while lunch at a modest restaurant will set you back at least CHF20 per head.
Potential to save money
Swiss employers will usually only hire well-qualified teachers. So, although costs are high, TEFL teachers working here usually earn good salaries, so they can save a reasonable amount each month.
How much TEFL training is recommended?
Realistically, you’ll only be able to get a job here if you have a Master’s degree in TEFL.
Common teaching conditions
If you manage to get a full-time job, you will usually end up working for about 25 hours per week.

Be aware…

Switzerland is a very safe, clean country so there really isn’t much to be aware of!