Teach English in Hungary

Work & Visas

How do I find work?
Youíre unlikely to get a solid job offer before you leave home. If you want guaranteed work, the best way is to get yourself over there and start your job hunt on the ground, which isnít a bad thing but youíll need sufficient funds to cover your expenses. Otherwise, you could try the Central European Teaching Program (CETP), which mainly recruits teachers from North America but has a US$2,500 program fee.
Can I find work while in-country?
There are lots of opportunities for teachers willing to visit schools in person, both in Budapest and smaller towns. International House, London Studio and Katedra are popular. Alternatively, look in local English-language newspapers or ask for recommendations at your hostel.
What is the usual hiring process?
If you want to use CETP, you’ll need to apply as early as possible to have the best chance of getting the job you want. If you’re looking for work in-country, print out a handful of CVs and call in at some schools. If they really like you, they’ll offer a job on-the-spot!
Is a work visa required to find paid work?
EU Nationals don’t need a visa to work in Hungary, but for the moment their employer must get them a labour permit. Except for Britons, all nationalities will also need to get a work visa and, eventually, a residence permit.
Few schools will employ you illegally on a tourist visa, as there are so many easily-employed EU nationals ready to take up posts.
Work visa requirements:
  • University certificate
  • TEFL certificate
  • Medical report
  • Official translations of all documents by a Hungarian embassy or the country’s Central Translation Office.