Teach English in France


Atlantic beaches, world-class skiing, gastronomic wonders and thousands of years of culture: whatever you're looking for, France has it. Flanked by the Pyrénées and Mediterranean to the south, the Bay of Biscay and English Channel to the west and north, and the Alps to the east, the country is justifiably the world's top travel destination.

With so much to discover, it's handy that France has one of Europe's best rail systems, whisking you to most parts of the country and beyond for surprisingly little money. But if you hire a car, remember: avoid the Arc de Triomphe!

  • Lots of culture and excellent food
  • Plenty to see and do
  • Easy to get travel within France and to nearby countries
  • High demand for teachers
  • Some of the finest art collections in Europe

Things you might not know about Teaching English in France

  • 80 million people can’t be wrong! That’s how many tourists visit France every year, making it the world’s most popular destination.
  • When the Eiffel tower was built for an exhibition in 1889, it was only supposed to be a temporary structure. But it’s still standing more than 115 years later!
  • French cuisine is world-renowned. Former President Sarkozy even applied to UNESCO to give it World Heritage status!
  • Much of France isn’t actually in France! 20% of its territory lies outside of Europe.