Teach English in Australia


Similar in size to the USA, Australia has only a fraction of the population and all the wild-roaming space you could possibly need, complete with stunning scenery and all manner of wildlife. Its coastal cities are also part of its pulling power, as is the fascination with its ancient past.

Long before European explorers blazed a trail through the country, the Aboriginal people, one of the world’s oldest civilizations, thrived and there has been a concentrated effort in recent years to preserve their culture. Meanwhile, a cultural mix has penetrated the cities which are enriched with people from across the globe, including Chinese and Greek communities.

  • The salaries are better than many western countries
  • Kangaroo Island – less-visited than Fraser Island, but with far more to see
  • Melbourne – vibrant, cosmopolitan city with excellent food and nightlife
  • Flinders Ranges – a camper’s and hiker’s paradise
  • The Whitsundays – serene sailing and some of the best snorkelling and diving anywhere

Things you might not know about Teaching English in Australia

  • Australia’s highest-ever recorded temperature was a scorching 123°F!
  • Australia’s wildlife is notorious: its crocodiles can to 20ft long!
  • Australians love having a burger on the bar-b! The average Australian will consume the equivalent of 18 whole cows in their life!
  • There are actually four types of boomerang, and only one will return to the thrower