You Can Live & Work in Thailand !

Don’t Just Visit Thailand - Live There!

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Want to be more than just a tourist in Land of Smiles?
Well, you can live and work there so you can fully experience the incredible Thai culture! Whether you want to make Thailand your new home, or just your new home away from home, you can find paid work teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) to fund your time in Thailand. With no experience necessary, becoming a TEFL teacher in Thailand could be the perfect way to earn AND do something incredibly rewarding!

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Join the Teach in Thailand Internship

You can spend five and a half amazing months living, working and experiencing the fascinating culture of Thailand! With no experience necessary, 24/7 in-country support, accommodation and a monthly spending allowance… this is the perfect way to start your TEFL adventure in Thailand!

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Get TEFL Qualified & Find Jobs in Thailand

Whether you want to settle down in Thailand or just make Thailand your new home away from home, you’ll be able to find paid teaching jobs with just a TEFL qualification!

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations to teach English and it’s easy to see why; fascinating culture, bustling cities, stunning beaches and a low cost of living! Tempted to book a one-way ticket yet? Start planning your Thai adventure today!

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What’s it like teaching in Thailand?

"Thailand is great. The people here are so friendly and easy going. I’m having an absolute ball. Life here is easy and not at all what I expected." Jodie Taylor "So far I have really enjoyed my time here in Thailand. The internship does allow you to explore your options and for some it has made them realise that they want to become a teacher or stay longer in Thailand. For me it has provided me with the opportunity to meet great people and travel around Thailand and experience something new and different." Susie Rout "To anyone who is desperate to travel but strapped for cash, I recommend you give TEFL teaching a go. It is a great opportunity to work and save money while getting to know the country and its people from the inside, as a worker and not simply a tourist." Alice McBrearty
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