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Be more than a tourist as you teach English in Spain. If you speak English, you already have the key skill you need to find paid teaching jobs in Spain.

This is your chance to totally immerse yourself in Spanish culture, and get paid to do it. There’s no need to speak Spanish or have any teaching experience. All you need to get started is an internationally recognized TEFL course from i-to-i.

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What’s It Like?

"I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about teaching English in Spain. Madrid is a fantastic city, easy to live in, friendly, reasonably cheap and teaching here has been great fun. My students have all been a delight, they’re all very enthusiastic and ready to learn." Emma Ryan "Last summer, while traveling around the U.S., I was bitten by the infamous travel bug. Shortly thereafter, I met a girl from Spain and felt a calling to try teaching as well. Now, 8 months later, the girl from Spain is my girlfriend and I’m in Spain teaching English! Needless to say, Im very thankful for the opportunity TEFL has provided me!" Adam Smith "I’m living in Madrid at the moment, teaching English. I LOVE Madrid, the people, the nightlife, the culture.... it’s just amazing! I love teaching the kids, they’re just full of life and are like sponges, they take everything in and they definitely keep me entertained!" Josie Higgins