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If you speak English, you already have the key skill you need to teach English in South Korea. With high wages for English teachers and low living costs, you’ll have plenty of time and money to explore everything Korea has to offer.

You don’t need any teaching experience or the ability to speak Korean. All it takes to get started is an internationally recognized TEFL course from i-to-i.

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What’s It Like?

"I’ve always loved working with children because it’s so fun and rewarding and this is especially the case when you’re helping them to learn something so valuable like a new language." Liz Tavener "I actually, honestly love everything here in South Korea: do TEFL, go and explore, have a blast - these have been the best ten months of my life." Sophie Roberts "The best thing about being in Korea so far was taking a ride on a friend’s motorbike, just outside of Cheonan and finding this little temple in the middle of no-where, at 7 in the evening with the sun setting behind the city and Buddhists chanting in the background. It’s the part of Asia I like. The part that’s unexpected." Emily Shillcock "My school here in South Korea is good and the teachers try to help you if they think you need it. Most of the children are nice with the exceptions of course, but like any country you have good and bad kids. I would suggest to anyone to come out to Korea and try it for yourself - so far it has been an enjoyable experience!" Jordon Irving