You Can Live & Work in China!

Don’t Just Visit China - Live There!

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Want to be more than just a tourist in China?
Well, why not live and work there so you can fully experience the fascinating Chinese culture! With a huge demand for English teachers in China, you have the perfect opportunity to find work as a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher!

With no experience necessary, becoming a TEFL teacher in China could be the perfect, rewarding way to fund your stay!

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Join the Teach in China Internship

You can spend five and a half amazing months living, working and experiencing the incredible culture of China! With no experience necessary, 24/7 in-country support, accommodation and a monthly spending allowance… this is the perfect way to start your TEFL adventure in China!

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Get TEFL Qualified & Find Jobs in China

Whether you want to settle down in China or just make China your new home away from home, you’ll be able to find paid teaching jobs with just a TEFL qualification!

China is one of the most popular destinations to teach English and it’s easy to see why; plenty of TEFL jobs, low cost of living, fascinating cultures, yummy food. Tempted to book a one-way ticket? Start planning your Chinese adventure today!

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What’s it like teaching in China?

"I’ve had many adventures since arriving in China, that first week in Beijing where I realized I really was a long way from home, or my trip to Mongolia with the real live yurts and desert as far as you could see, then back ‘home’ and nightclubbing through Changsha or trekking through some unknown but very picturesque mountains, but what’s impressed me most is living (and surviving) day to day life in China." Aisling Brogan, 21, from Donegal, Ireland, who taught in Changsha "Travelling in China has proven to be an exciting and adventurous journey, and I was glad to have the i-to-i program there at the beginning to give me an introduction to Chinese culture. Not only is China a great place to travel, but it is also a great starting point for anybody who wishes to experience teaching English abroad." Niles Erikson, 25, from New Hampshire, USA, who taught in Hangzhou "I wanted a change of scenery, a chance to teach in a different way, and explore a country I'd never been to - and really didn't know much about. All of these things I've achieved. And I think teaching in China has given me valuable tools which I can use when I come back to teach in the UK, as well as valuable life-skills adjusting to life in a non-western country!" Jozanda Parkinson, 26, from Lancashire, UK, who taught in Shanghai
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