The Complete TEFL Teacher Kit

Teaching overseas can be overwhelming, especially when you first step into that classroom. As the experts in TEFL, we’ve pulled together the most popular teaching resources to help you walk into that classroom with confidence.

What Do You Get?

  • 45 TEFL activity videos accessible online
  • 1000s of online teaching aids, including lesson plans & classroom activities
  • i-to-i’s Essential TEFL book posted to your door
  • Easy to use guide to English grammar
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Need A Little More Detail?

Essential TEFL Book

Essential TEFL was written by TEFL expert and tutor, James Jenkin, in order to give you plenty of support in the classroom. With more than 300 classroom activities, hundreds of teaching aids and a full guide to English grammar, this resource is one of the best in the industry today! This essential resource crams everything you need into a handy, portable format – it’ll become your best friend on all your TEFL travels! Your book will be posted to you upon placing your order for the Complete Teacher Kit.


TEFL TV gives you 45 videos that cover everything from how to plan TEFL lessons and avoid common mistakes all the way through to the best ways to get your students motivated and involved in your classes. So they’re a perfect partner to your TEFL course and will give you a taste of what it’s really like teaching a class of non-native English speakers! The videos are accessible to you right online through your TEFL training account.

12 months’ subscription to ESL Library

ESL Library is the first stop for many new TEFL teachers and it’s easy to see why. This 12 month subscription gives you instant access to 100’s of TEFL lesson plans and 2000 flashcards all online, that you can use to bring your lessons to life. Within 72 hours of booking your Complete TEFL Teacher’s Kit, we’ll send you an email with your 12-month login for the ESL-library website!

The Complete TEFL Teacher Kit


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A word from
the expert…

“When you start teaching you’ll need all the help you can get. These teaching aids will make it that bit easier and cut down your preparation time. There are lesson plans to point you in the right direction, and also lots of useful flashcards to help you in the classroom!”

Emma Foers,
Resident TEFL Guru